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Try several addictive and fun mini-games in Bentley’s Hackpack! Featured in Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeTM, step into the Arcade and play through multiple levels to bust open all the safes and unlock the most secret and secure item ever!
Spark Runner – In this hacking game, guide the spark ball through a circuit board-like maze of obstacles and place it into a socket at the end of the maze to complete each stage.
Alter Ego – Launch Bentley’s alter ego the Bentla-Tron-500 into the system to crack the code and bypass the systems core by blowing it up to complete the hack.
System Cracker – Pilot Bentley’s ship within the virtual level of the computer system he is attempting to hack. Break through the security barriers and complete the hack by reaching the Docking Gate.
Purchase the PS Vita version and receive the PS3 version at no additional cost.



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