Bokuhime Project


Prepare for the first-ever cross-dressing game from the famous Japanese game company! The well-known Japanese game company, Nippon Ichi Software will bring a fresh new game genre to their shelves. For the first time in the game company’s history, Nippon Ichi Software will release a cross-dressing game called, Bokuhime Project or My Princess Project (ボク姫PROJECT) for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 23 in Japan. So, please watch for it, folks!
Cross-dressing for a purpose! The game takes you to a super ojou-sama school called Yuriai Private Academy. This academy is attended by 99% of girls. However, the main protagonist Minato Ikusa must save his cousin to unfold the mysterious incident on the school grounds. So, he cross-dresses to become Erika Irusa to improve his beauty and become the academy’s top beauty.

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