Command & Conquer Retaliation PSN


The official Red Alert stand-alone companion set containing all Counterstrike and The Aftermath missions

The rumors of new Red Alert missions are true! Intelligence sources confirm that Retaliation delivers clandestine activity, forbidden weapons and disavowed tactics in a no-holds-barred battle for supremacy. Now, you must decide the ultimate fate of the conflict between the Allies and Soviets.

– 34 solo missions, plus over 100 multiplayer battle maps.

– New forbidden weapons including the Tesla Tank, M.A.D. Tank, Demolition Truck and Shock Trooper.

– Advance through four theatres of war per side, complete with 19 all-new full motion video briefings.

– Command your forces with the Game Controller or Mouse for the PlayStation game console.

– Battle in Skirmish Mode against up to 3 AI opponents or challenge a friend to a head-to-head game with the Link Cable for the PlayStation game console.

– Play Allies or Soviets on two separate CDs. Lend one to a friend!



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