Psyvariar Delta


Conquer danger, embrace the thrill!

Level up your planes by evading enemy fire!
Psyvariar Delta is a shooter known for the BUZZ SYSTEM,

where players are rewarded by grazing enemy fire.

This game system is both thrilling and strategic.

Level up by grazing the enemy fire in a row.

In Psyvariar Delta, you can also play

Psyvariar Medium Unit and Psyvariar Revision.

Both are high definition versions

of the arcade release in the year 2000.

・A new screen that supports practice and strategy.

・Cross over of two classics.

You can select the BGM, Planes and Versions

on all modes.

・You can customize your gameplay

by changing the direction of the display.

・You Can show the hit area

for you and the enemy on screen

・Online rankings!


You can play up to 2 players in the normal game mode.

Use the options to change the difficulty,

remaining planes and bombers.

You also have the option to have unlimited continues.

This is the Practice Mode. You can set up options

such as areas, planes, and EXP levels.

You can also change the settings during gameplay.

You can also go straight to the boss.

This is a challenge for the high score.

These scores will be shown in online rankings.

You can challenge you high score

in each area (replay data).

These shows will be shown in online rankings.

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