Space Overlords


Four Overlords have been incarcerated by the evil Kesedihan for many years whilst he has slowly destroyed the cosmos. You and your brothers must rise up and purge the evil contaminating the planets you have nurtured over the centuries.

The gameplay style puts you straight into the centre of the action – razing buildings and smashing through planetary defences.

• Local Multiplayer Vs. Mode – Up to 4 players and 4 different game types

• 8 multiplayer only planets

• Name a galaxy and fill it with your planets created with the Level Editor. Share your planets and download and play levels created by other players

• New Extended Campaigns – You will play through 2 new galaxies in ‘The Fight for the Awakened’ and ‘The Great Serpent’ campaigns

• Discover the story behind Kesedihan’s corruption while playing as 2 new Overlords

• Unlock a further four Overlords each with their own unique style, stats and attack modes

This Cross-Buy product entitles you to download PS4™ and PS Vita versions.

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