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Federer, Monfils, Zverev, Kyrgios… The game includes the main stars of the professional circuit. Whether in singles or doubles, players can use their own style of play to try and become no. 1 in the online world rankings. Among the people working at Breakpoint are the main developers of Top Spin 4, considered the best tennis video game ever made, with several million copies sold worldwide.
* 30 of the best players from the official circuits, including Roger Federer, Angelique Kerber and many legendary players.
* Perfect reproduction of players and their movements, using motion capture and photogrammetry.
* All of the game modes: exhibition, World Tour, in singles and doubles, local and online.
* A complete career mode: practice, tournaments, staff management, equipment purchasing… Each player can experience the career of a real professional.
* Tactical dimension never before seen in a tennis game. Players can set the key skills they will use during match play.
* A game designed for competition. In addition to a permanent world ranking system, there are new online challenges available each week.

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