Witch Hunter


Witch Hunter is a 2D endless runner game. Play as ‘Wolf’, a famous monster slayer on his last adventure to redeem his name and become the most famous of his kind against hordes of creatures from dark forests.
Have no mercy against every last monster standing in your way to boost your score while collecting coins to upgrade power-ups hidden all across the dark forests.
The game supports two play methods which the user can choose from to control Wolf:
Gesture Controls

Using the PS4 DualShock controller the player can use flicking gestures with the controller to make Wolf jump and duck below obstacles. The X Button is used to wield their sword.
Stick/D-Pad Aiming

Using the PS4 DualShock controller the player can use the L/R sticks or D-Pad to make Wolf jump up or duck down between obstacles.

The player collects coins which allows them to purchase upgrades from the in-game shop. These upgrades aid progression against the trophies.

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